The Moneyless Society Podcast

Ep #2 Echo Park: Changing the Homeless Narrative

June 4, 2021

Unhoused, homeless, poor, even 'criminal', are just a few key words that are weaponized against the sector of humanity that's been exiled to the outskirts of our cities in the nefarious name of 'prosperity'. The devisive narrative which polarizes humanity against itself is the tool of choice for the ruling class, which must maintain adequate threat against those who dare to think outside of the box, to live outside of the box. In this episode, you'll learn of the perils of homeless life via first hand perspective delivered by our very special guests, David Bush-Lilly and Ayman Ahmed - leaders in the Echo Park Uprising that took place in L.A. earlier this year. As well as solutions proposed and well-practiced by our guests. 


NOTE: This episode will be released into the Public Domain and under a Creative Commons License, as requested by our guest David Bush-Lilly.  

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