The Moneyless Society Podcast

Ep #1 Moneyless Society: The Origin Story

June 4, 2021

Ever wondered what happens if you actually listen to that little voice of rationality in your head? The one that presents perfectly valid reasons for not going along with the inhumane demands of today's socioeconomic model ... In this debut of the Moneyless Society Podcast, your three hosts Matt, Marlow and Amanda talk about how the voice of reason finally drowned out all the noise of the machine's gear grinding and rat racing, which led them to this place on the proverbial timeline of an inevitable shift in humanity's existence on this planet.  Listen in on the stories, both tragic and triumphant, that are catalyzing change for the better, both personally and globally. Then stay tuned to learn about all the ways in which society has the choice, but also the resources, to quite literally save the world. 

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